Sacramento's Premier Electrical Contractor

Independent Electric responds with licensed electricians in fully-equipped vans to handle your residential, commercial and industrial repairs, remodels, new construction and maintenance contracts. Our professional team is licensed, bonded and insured. We'll respond same-day for an emergency and arrive on time for an appointment. We'll do the job on the spot and clean-up after ourselves too. In the case of a complex project, we'll meet construction deadlines and pass inspection the first time, saving you time and money.

Suddenly, performance is popular again.

Independent Electric was founded by Steve Leyton in 2008 to fill an unmet demand: reputable electrical construction done right, the way it should be done. Leyton has worked in the industry since 1996, managing multi-million dollar projects to making house calls for simple switch repairs.

The undercurrent in the industry alarmed him. Fewer and fewer electricians brought quality and professionalism to the job. The bigger the shop, it seemed, the greater the volume of complaints.

Leyton wanted to build an environment of peerless professionalism in a trade he’d grown up in, the electrical contracting business. Moreover, he wanted to build a team of exceptional service-oriented electricians who cared that the client was more than satisfied with the job done.

The territory was wide open.

Leyton methodically built a trusted team of highly trained electricians, among them tenured master electricians, who brought renewed respect for a job well done to the workplace. He outfitted them with new commercial vans, equipped with every conceivable part necessary to complete routine and exceptional jobs. He staffed the office with attentive receptionists whose responsiveness paralleled that of the electrical team. And then he made a point of following the progress of each and every job, meeting with the inspectors and the customers for a face-to-face analysis of their satisfaction.

Along the way, Leyton determined that Independent Electric would never be the biggest shop in town, but it would be the most reputable, reliable and responsive. Not a day goes by that Leyton isn’t heard saying: When we win your business, we want to keep your business for years to come.

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